“I want to live!”

This is what Kobra wants the world to know. She has written a letter from prison. Kobra Rahmanpour is a 22 year old woman who has been sentenced to death by the Islamic regime of Iran. She had spent the past three years in prison and been convicted of murdering her mother in law by a kitchen knife. On the first of January 2005 she was woken up early in the morning to be told that she was going to be hanged that day. Kobra was to be hanged on April 15, 2005 but the international pressure delayed her execution.

In July 2005 following the refusal of 4 of the relatives of the mother in law to pardon her, the court issued her death sentence by hanging. According to Islamic law of “an eye for an eye” if the relatives of the deceased pardon the accused, then he/she could be freed. Kobra now faces death by hanging. Her execution must be stopped.

Kobra herself is a victim of poverty and injustice. She was born and raised in a family that could not even provide the mere necessities of life for its members. Her father is elderly and one of her brothers is disabled and there is no welfare system to look after such people who are in need. Kobra had to give up her ambitions of going to university, and in order to help her family survive, married a man 40 years her senior. But her life did not get better; in fact it was made hell by repeated maltreatment and abuse se received from her husband and his family.

On one occasion he was even arrested and imprisoned for physically and sexually abusing her. In the last incident according to Kobra, she was attacked by her mother in law with a kitchen knife in her hand. Kobra claims that she killed her mother in law in a self defense act.

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Kobra Rahmanpoor’s open letter : I want to live!
Kobra Rahmanpoor , From Evin prison, Tehran/Iran
I am a human being just like you. I do not want to die. However I am now a sol less body who in fear of the execution rope has forgotten how to laugh and be happy. A lot of people say to me how come your case has been so much publicized but you are still in prison? I have to tell them that I am only steps away from execution. I too like all of you am afraid of dying. Please help me so that this would not be my last letter.

People, friends!
My mother, father and handicapped brother are very worried about me. Your supports so far have been such a comfort to them. I wish my life was different. I wish I had finished my pre-university education. I wish I did not have to be a servant for my husband. I wish I had not reached insanity. I suffered a lot and was intimidated. I am a true victim. Now they are about to hang the victim. This was not and is not my destiny.

In these dark days of fear, I urge you once again to help me. I thank all mass media and all people who supported me before. Now, may be for the last time, I urge you to do everything you can to free me from execution. I like freedom. I dream about my freedom and a good life.

I have suffered enough. Help me to get rid of the nightmare of execution which wakes me up all the time. Do what you can. There is not much time left. Every minute takes me nearer to the rope. Please help me! I am afraid of the rope and death. I hate the rope that is waiting for me on the crane. I want to live. All other doors are closed to me. Nobody helps me. My only hope is the people. I want to hold my mother and father in my arms.

I want to thank my mother, father and all who have supported me.

Kobra Rahmanpoor
From Evin prison, Tehran/Iran
Shahrivar 1385 (September 2006)