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Iran: female revolution, A monumental challenge to Islam

What we are witnessing in Iran is not only a movement against a dictatorship and for political freedom; it is not only a movement against poverty and socio-economic injustice and for equality and prosperity; it is a movement against religious institution,....

Let’s face it Honor Killing is not just a domestic violence. It is murdering.

Let’s face it Honor Killing is not just a domestic violence. It is murdering. Murdering the women whom thought not to be submissive, murdering the young girls who are thought not to be obedient by those who wish to regain their so-called honor in their community.
Arrêtons les inepties : c’est une histoire de fric !

Homa Arjomand on CTV and CTV2

Stop the nonsense Please It is about money!

In his sermon, on 19 June, Khamenei, the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader, accused the West, especially Britain, of meddling in the domestic affairs of Iran (whatever that means!) He was particularly hard on Britain.

A look at the Media’s presentation of the protest movement

Iran is at the top of international news. What led to the mass protests? How did the situation change so dramatically over a week? What do people want? What will be the outcome of this protest movement? These are the questions discussed repeatedly on TV channels and in the press.
Un regard sur la manière dont les médias présentent le mouvement de contestation Iran : Mythes et réalités. Qu’est ce que les gens veulent ?

Unveil Women in Iran! It is high time to throw the veils out!

Women’s liberation movement in Iran has earned the respect and admiration of all. It has not let the Islamic regime to rest for even one second. Any progression of this movement is tantamount to a huge set back of this misogynous regime. There has been 30 years of constant conflict and battle between women’s liberation movement and the Islamic regime.

Two women jailed in Iran for changing their religion!

According to reports from Doa website, two women in Iran who had converted to Christianity have been jailed and face possible execution by the Islamic regime. Marziye Aminzade, 30 and Maryam Rastanpoor 27, were arrested in their homes in Tehran on 5th march 2009 accused of threatening the “national security”.

An Open Letter to SOAS Regarding the conference: Thirty Years On, the Social and Cultural Impacts of the Iranian Revolution

As one of the designated conference speakers, I would like to express my utmost disappointment with your last-minute decision to accept the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a conference sponsor.

European Feminist Initiative in Solidarity with Brave Women of Iran,WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

We, as the whole world are following with excitement and concern your just and brave protests in Iran. Women’s liberation in Iran has always been a source of inspiration and pride for us.For
the past thirty years, you have fought a difficult and dangerous fight against a very brutal and
misogynist regime that considers women as half human beings.

Obama speech in Cairo 4 June 2009 by Nawal El Saddawi

We live in one world ruled by the capitalist patriarchal religious system . Power dominates our whole world ( not justice or freedom or peace or ethics or human values ) .

TV4 : Vägrade gifta sig med sin släkting - får nu fly hot och våld från de anhöriga

GP: Dottern förhördes via länk

Delara Darabi in danger of execution! We must save her!

Organisation for Women’s Liberation strongly condemns this criminal act of the Islamic regime and urges all to respond in support of the campaign to save Delara. We have managed to save the lives of a few women from execution and imprisonment in Iran. Nazanin Fatehi was freed which was the result of such international support. We must continue such efforts to free Delara, Shahla Jahed and Amir Omrallahi. Please sign the online petition. Together we can save Delara and make a difference.http://www.petitiononline.com/DL2222/petition.html

Right vs Left in Secularist Movement:It is not sufficient to be a secularist*

The women’s rights movement is an integrated part of the general movement for equality and freedom. Every one here is well aware of the dismal situation of women in societies under the grip of religion; of the inherent misogyny of religion. Misogyny is an important part of the dominant ideology, so is religion. To fight misogyny and women’s inequality calls for a comprehensive and consistent struggle against the dominant ideology and the dominant political and economic order.

I defend Wilders’ right to express his appalling views! Unconditional freedom of expression is the only guarantee!

Future Developments in Iran - a Window to a Freer, More Just and Secular MiddleEast

One of the most powerful movements in Iran having mass backing is the women’s rights movement. Ever since the coming to power of the Islamic regime this movement has been in existence. It was active and organised protests for a couple of years, and then it was suppressed.

Is there any relation between the teddy bear and Annapolis?

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