Initiative Féministe Européenne pour une autre Europe

 European Feminist Initiative for another Europa

 Iniciativa Feminista Europea para otra Europa

 Feministyczyna Inicjatywa Europejska dla innej Europy

 Europaische Feministische Initiative fur eine andere Europa

 Europska Feministicka Inicijativa za drukciju Europu 

 Iniziativa Feminista Europea per un’ altra  Europa

 Europeiskt Feministiskt Initiativ for ett annat Europa

Iniciativa Féminista Européa para uma outra Europa

Europai Feminista Kezdeményezés





Solidarity with the struggle of women in Iran

Condemnation of death sentences


Since June 2009 people in Iran have been in an open confrontation with the regime of the Islamic Republic. The protest movement has been radicalized even more over the past months. People have organised counter-demonstrations on days which have significant political, ideological or religious values for the regime. Chants of “Down with Khamenei”, Islamic regime’s supreme leader, “We don’t want Islamic Republic”, “Khamenei must know, he will soon be toppled”, are increasingly echoed on the streets of Tehran and other cities in the country. Pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei are burnt in different demonstrations. People are mocking religious sanctities and burn religious symbols.


Women are in the forefront of this protest movement. The whole world has been watching with admiration and astonishment their bravery and determination to fight for their rights, their freedom, against gender apartheid, against the veil and against one of the most misogynist regimes of modern time.


The Islamic regime is in a deep crisis and in order to save itself, it brutally cracks down on any protest. Over the past months hundreds have been killed and many more arrested and been subject to torture, including rapes and gang rapes that have become a common method of torture in the prisons. In July, Taraneh Mousavi, a young woman was arrested in street demonstrations in Tehran and died after being gang raped in prison. Taraneh’s father died of a heart attack soon after the news of his daughter’s death and her mother’s whereabouts is unknown.  A 24 year old woman named Elaheh in Esherat Abad died under torture in prison in Tehran on 8 January, 2010. On 28 January two young political prisoners, Mohammed Reza Ali-zamani and Arash Rahmanipoor, were executed. The regime has threatened to execute more political prisoners,namely two young women, Shirin Alam Houie and Zeinab Jalalian have been given death sentences for allegedly working with Pazhak, a Kurdish party.


European Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI sends its sincere message of support and solidarity with people and particularly with women in Iran and strongly condemns Islamic regime’s brutality.

IFE-EFI condemns the death sentences of the political prisoners. IFE-EFI condemns the death sentences of Shirin Alam Houie and Zeinab Jalalian and demand that the leaders of the Islamic regime are charged for crime against humanity in the international court.


IFE- EFI calls upon all feminist, human rights and peace organizations and individuals to join this condemnation and express their protests.


As a part of the solidarity movement with the struggle of women in Iran for freedom, equality and against violence, IFE-EFI will give a special echo of our commitment to this cause on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.


The European Coordination


Paris, 1Feb, 2010