Statement by Nawal El Saadawi on the occasion of the International Women ' s Day 8 March 2012


Statement by Nawal El Saadawi on the occasion of the International Women ' s Day
8 March 2012
From Cairo , Egypt
The new Egyptian Women' s Union , formed in Tahrir Square by revolutionary young women and men , has been struggling , since our revolution in January 2011 , to unite the feminist and progressive groups in Egypt , and fight collectively , for a new system in Egypt , based on real freedom ( not false capitalist patriarchal democracy ) real dignity , social - economic justice and equality for all , regardless of gender , religion , class , race or other
We were able , by the power of the united millions , to remove the head of the regime ( Hosni Mubarak ) on 11 Februray 2011 , but the body of the regime is still in power , supported by the American colonial government and its Egyptian allies
in the High Military Council , in the post revolutionary government , in the big business and ultra rich elites , in the big media , in the old liberal political parties and the new fanatic religious groups , which gained more and more power since “ Sadat “ era during the seventies , and his submission to Israeli regime and and the American military and economic Aid .
Since then poverty and women's oppression increased under increasing powers religious fundamentalism and class exploitation .
Women are half the society . They cannot be liberated in a country which is not liberated .
We combine our liberation from patriarchy with the liberation of our country from both colonialist and religious oppression , under the name of God , love and peace and democracy .
Ben Ladin and G Bush were twins working together against the poor and women
then they had interest conflicts and tried to kill each other
. Today B . Obama and the Muslim Brothers are friends , negotiating their own joint interests . There are no principles in such politics and changing interests .
Today most peoples of the world , North and South , are revolting against the capitalist patriarchal system , from Tahrir Square in Cairo to Occupy Wall Street in New York and all over the world .
Women and men are fighting together in Egypt as in other countries .
It is not enough to be a woman to be against patriarchy and it is not enough to be a liberal or a socialist man to be against capitalism and colonialism . It is not enough to be an athiest to fight against religious oppression .
We have women who are more patriarchal than men , and we have socialist men who are more capitalist than right wing leaders , and we have athiests who are more fanatic than fundamentalists .
The counter revolution in Egypt is still killing revolutionary young men and women ,
Since January 2011 , thousands have been killed , thousands have been maimed , thousands have been jailed , but the revolution is going on .
We do not lose hope in spite of harsh back lash against us ,
Women in Egypt are excluded , more and more , by the counter revolution powers , from important posts , political activities and high councils , formed after the revolution . The so called democratic elections in Egypt after the revolution resulted in 2 % women members in the parliament and a good majority of Muslim Brothers and Salafi groups , who are more backward than other religious fanatics .
But the struggle in Egypt is going on
We should join forces globally and locally to fight back
We should not separate between the global - local , Glocal struggle .
We live in one world ( not three worlds ) dominated by the same oppressive system ,: the capitalist imperialist patriarchal military racist religious system
We will liberate our selves together sooner or later .
We never lose hope , because hope is power
Nawal El Saadawi
Cairo Egypt