8 March, a day of solidarity with the women’s liberation movement in the Middle East against Islamic movement!

Women´s Liberation



8 March, a day of solidarity with the women’s liberation movement in the Middle East against Islamic movement!

8 March is a day when people reiterate their determination for the struggle for complete freedom and equality of men and women. It has become a symbol of liberation and freedom. People have commemorated 8 March for more than a century.

8 March, in Iran is not just an international day; it has a particular historical importance for women’s liberation movement in Iran; it is the birth of a new movement of women’s liberation in Iran. 34 years ago, only a few weeks after the coming to power of the misogynous Islamic rule, women’s liberation movement stamped its mark by organising a mass protest event against the Islamic hijab and misogynous Islamic rules. It was an historical event which had massive international coverage. This event left its permanent mark on the uncompromising relations between women’s rights movement and the Islamic movement. Women’s Liberation movement has, for the last 34 years, fought against the Islamic regime, Islamic hijab, gender apartheid and suppression of women. This movement has had its ups and downs but has never silenced and has become an example for the women’s liberation in the region.

8 March has become a long lasting tradition in Iran. The efforts of the Islamic regime to substitute 8 March with an Islamic day, the birthday of Fatemeh, (daughter of prophet Mohammed) have truly been defeated. Likewise, the recent efforts by the national-Islamic movement to create a “national” women’s day in place of international women’s day have not gained any success. Women’s liberation movement, together and in solidarity with international women’s right’s movement commemorates 8 March. Both the women’s liberation movement and the Islamic regime get ready for this day. The Islamic regime prepares its suppressive forces and sends its thugs to the streets to intimidate and attack women. Women’s liberation movement tries to find a way to commemorate 8 March despite the suppressive measures imposed by the regime. This day, is a day of confrontation between the women’s liberation movement and the Islamic regime. It is a day of fighting for liberation against Islamic suppression.

It is more than two years since the Middle East and North Africa, a region infested with Islam, have witnessed the emergence of a mass revolutionary movement against despotism, suppression, poverty and inequality. The Islamists try to gain an ever greater share of the power in the region. However, women’s liberation movement, especially in Tunisia and Egypt, have come forth against the Islamists. History is repeated. Women’s liberation movement is the uncompromising enemy of the Islamic movement.

We must commemorate this day in every way possible! Take part in demonstrations and protest marches in the streets, organise meetings and speeches at work places, schools, universities and communities. 8 March is our day; is a day for liberation and freedom; a day when we announce to the world that we will not stop till achieving complete freedom and equality. On this day, we must declare our deepest solidarity with the women’s liberation movement in the region, especially in Tunisia and Egypt. The activists of this movement have the same fate as us. In solidarity we will be stronger.

Organisation for Women’s Liberation (OWL) is a staunch activist of unconditional, real and complete equality of men and women. OWL will not hesitate for a second or stop till achieving its goals. We urge you all to join us. OWL is your organisation!

Long Live Freedom and Equality!
Long Live 8 March!
No to Women’s Suppression!
No to Women’s Oppression!