No more death! Stop death and maiming of workers in Garment industry!
Women´s Liberation-Iran

No more death!
Stop death and maiming of workers in
Garment industry!

The latest tragedy in a garment factory in Bangladesh on 24th April, which led to more than 370 confirmed deaths, 900 missing and hundreds injured is the sheer manifestation of greed and exploitation of workers by not only native capitalists, but also multi-national companies, such as Primark, Matalan, Mango, Beneton, C&A, JCPenny, Wallmart, Marks and Spencer, George and the like.

Less than six months ago a fire in a garment factory, Tazreen Fashion, killed more than 120 workers and earlier on September 11, a similar fire killed nearly 300 workers in a garment factory in Pakistan.

Fire risk and collapsing of buildings are quite common in the garment industry. Since 2005, until the last tragedy, more than 1,000 workers died in garment industry in Bangladesh alone.

Poor, unsafe and unhygienic working conditions lead to death and sever illnesses of many workers; Many workers suffer from TB from exposure to cotton fluff. Low wages, long working hours without breaks, constant harassment by supervisors create a semi-slavery working conditions for millions of workers in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam and China. The majority of these workers are women migrants from rural areas who come to work in the industry.

Exploitation of young is also a common practice in the industry. Workers are prevented by law to form unions or organise to defend their rights. The fact that the workers are from the most destitute section of society, subdued and downtrodden by misogynist tradition and ideology, make them a valuable workforce for greedy companies, being very cheap and a docile labour power.

It is our duty to put a stop to these brutal conditions. We have to stop workers being slaughtered in the workplace. We have to create decent, dignified and humane working and living conditions for millions and millions of human beings. Organisation for Women’s Liberation calls upon all progressive and humanitarian organisations and individuals to join us in a campaign to bring dignity and humanity to the garment industry worldwide.

Our campaign is focussed on safety, a decent living minimum wage, right to organise, the right to shorter working hours, and pressurize the multi-nationals to observe these conditions in factories they have contracted. Let’s 1st of May 2013 be named the day to safeguard workers of garment industries. Details of our campaign will be highlighted in our next communique.

Long Live workers’ solidarity Long live a better world
Organisation for Women’s Liberation 1 May, 20133

Contact: Azar Majedi
Homa Arjmand