Is secularism enough?
Women´s Liberation


Following the ousting of the Morsi government in July, the military government in Egypt took the complete power. It arrested and jailed more than 1200 people accused of being supporters of Mohammad Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood. Last week, the criminal court in Minya province sentenced 528 people to death accused of killing a police man. Two days later, 919 people were prosecuted.

Following people’s million strong protests against Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi’s government, the army took advantage of the situation and marginalized people’s protests, ousted Morsi and imposed its rule over the country. According to international news, 20,000 people including children and young people have been jailed during the 8 months following army’s take over of the power. Those who were later freed exposed the tortures including electrical shock and rape inflicted on the prisoners.

Under the guise of combating the Islamists, the military junta has imposed the most severe aggression in the society. Last August, only over a month, more than 1000 people were killed in fights with the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, the shambles of elections is supposed to be run under dictatorship and suppression so that General Sisi can become the President!

Executions in Egypt are condemned and must be opposed internationally. Capital punishment is state murder and must be abolished. We must raise our voices against capital punishment. It should be noted that not only capital punishment is inhumane, it is also giving leverage to the the military junta to impose a state of terror in the society to crush any resistance and mass uprising, i.e a reversion to Mubarak era. The Egyptian government is trying to silence the people and clear them from the streets. People in Egypt came to the streets to protest against military and Islamic despotism, discrimination, inequality, dictatorship, suppression and poverty.

Organisation for Women’s Liberation strongly condemns the execution orders issued by the Egyptian government and urges all to protest against capital punishment.

Long Live Freedom and Equality!

Organisation for Women’s Liberation
30 march 2014