Challenges Facing Women’s Liberation Movement in North Africa and the Middle East

Azar Majedi



Organisation for Women’s Liberation and Euro-Med Feminist Initiative are organizing an International conference on the situation of women in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA). In the past three years people in this region have risen to demand equality, freedom, prosperity and a more just society. Women have actively taken to streets against the governments. They have been harassed, molested and raped by the security forces and religious thugs. In the heat of people’s uprisings for a better world, women have bravely asked for equal rights and more freedom.
These uprisings showed to the world that the people in the region are not going to tolerate dictatorships, poverty, state corruption, police brutality, and violence any more. However, the situation at many instances became ugly. The interference of the West, led by the US, the reactionary regional states and political Islam has created civil wars, chaos and destitution in many countries.
We have invited activists from the region to come together to discuss this dire situation and viable solutions. The conference takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden on 15 and 16 of November, 2014. More detail information about speakers and the venue will be announced soon.
We invite all interested people to participate in this conference and to enrich the debate with their opinions and points of views.
Organisation for Women’s Liberation
Euro-Med Feminist Initiative EFI-EFI

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