Statement of OWL on Massacre at Charlie Hebdo,Terrorism is condemned!


Terrorism must be uprooted!

The terrorist attacks at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday 7 January which led to the massacre of 12 people, 10 journalists and cartoonists and 2 police officers shook the world and once again revealed the role of Islamic terrorism in the political discourse. Following the publication of caricatures of Prophet Mohammed in a Danish paper a few years ago which caused protests from Islamist currents, Charlie Hebdo republished them. It is said that such republication was done to illustrate a political move in defense of freedom of expression and secularism. Since then, the magazine and its staff have been under constant threat by the Islamists. Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine known for its sharp and sometimes dry and ruthless style. It has enemies in the world of politics. Mockery of religion is one of its themes.

Al-Qaeda which had lost its position as the leading force of Islamic terrorism and especially after the emergence of ISIS had become marginalised, has once again reappeared into the scene of terror and massacre. These Islamic thugs use every opportunity to kill and create an atmosphere of fear, hatred and chaos. The two poles of terrorism, namely Islamic and state terrorism have created breeding grounds for people who are rebellious, desperate and have lost any hope of a decent and just life to become the victims of terrorism. Young people who have either had enough of war, terrorism, humiliation, poverty and hunger in the Middle East or Africa; or people who live in the West but are pushed to the margins of the society, are discriminated against, see no way out to a better, equal and bright future become baits for the Islamic criminals. They get entangled into the web of death, hatred, division, racism and killings. This is the bitter truth of the world today, especially after September 11.

Meanwhile, some left organisations, supporters of equality and opposing racial discrimination and the actions of the Western governments led by US and active role of Israel in the Middle East and Africa, try to justify the massacre in Charlie Hebdo. They resort to the role of France in creating horrible conditions in Africa, occupation of Algeria and the war of independence, the disastrous situation in Iraq, and discrimination against French citizens of African origin in order to reduce the abomination of murder of 12 people, of which 10 were writers and caricaturists.

Organisation for Women’s Liberation, strongly condemns the killing of the staff at Charlie Hebdo, and any kind of terrorism. Nothing can justify terrorism. Surely, inequality, discrimination, injustice, poverty and deprivation must be uprooted which can lead to ways where the emergence of terrorism and vultures like al-Qaeda can be prevented. We must bring together the freedom, equality seeking humanity and the civilised world together and unite them against all sorts of terrorism, be it Islamic or state. We must also, consciously prevent the growth of anti Muslim discrimination. We must not allow the isolation of citizens and their marginalization. This is the only way to fight against terrorism for achieving a free and peaceful world. The fight against terrorism is our task, the people who want liberation and equality, and not the task of suppressive governments, the police or army apparatus!

Organisation for Women’s Liberation
10 January 2015