Organisation for Women’s Liberation’s

Organisation for Women’s Liberation’s Communiqué  On the occasion of 8 March
Gender Equality Is the Pillar of a Humane Society
This year we are celebrating 8 of March in an environment of war, mass murders, destruction, misery, poverty, anxiety and uncertainty. A large part of the Middle East lies in ruins after years of bombing and war. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions dispersed.
The mass uprisings of 6 years ago for freedom, equality and a better life, that sent a wave of hope and excitement throughout the world, have been brutally quashed. The voice of freedom has faded away and instead the cries of destitution, pain and indignation are echoed through the region.
The two poles of terrorism, state terrorism under the leadership of the USA and its allies on the one hand and Islamic terrorism on the other, both with the same goal attacked the people who had dared to rise against tyranny, exploitation, poverty and injustice. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan under ferocious bombing of both sides and attacks by their armies have been turned into ruins. Egypt, on the other side, with the help of both forces is being suffocated under the violent clampdown of the state.
As the direct result of these vicious attacks and scheming, the region has come under Islamic rule in one way or another. To the existing Islamic rulers in the region: Taliban and Islamic regime in Iran, Al Qaida, Daesh, Al-Nosra and Al-etc. are added. They all offer Islamic barbarism in different shape or form. The time has regressed for humanity, especially for women. Whatever the “discourse” over the true Islam and its ownership by the leaders of the different sects, this is true Islam; the word of the prophet himself: beheading of the “infidel”, maiming and whipping of the “sinner”, stoning of lovers, enslaving and raping of the conquered women, making life hell for those they rule, so they would wish to die in hope of reaching the heaven!
These intolerable conditions have given rise to a mass exodus of victims, mainly to the neighbouring countries and also to the West. In response, the reactionary right wing racism in the West has become more rowdy. Fences have been erected to block these hopeless people. Thousands in hope of finding a secure corner have drowned in waters that were supposed to be their path to safety. The “lucky” ones have nowhere to go.
A century after Marxist activists called 8 March, the international women’s day, a day symbolising equality and freedom, talking about these dark and inhumane conditions is hard and shameful. But it is essential to see and reflect the world as it is in order to find real solutions.
However, the world is not all dismal and gloomy. There is another side to the story. After all, human beings constantly strive to create a better world, a freer and a more just one. And in time of crises these efforts become mobilised and more organised. Solidarity and unity become stronger. This is the other side of the coin. Indeed, these destructive wars have been waged, the reactionary violent movements from Islamic to racist/fascist have been organised to suppress the struggle of the workers, freedom-seeking and egalitarian humanity.
The world does not comprise only of the murderous two poles; the third pole is fighting tirelessly against the barbarism, regression and slavery inflicted upon people by the two poles. Fight for women’s liberation and equality is part and parcel of this humane struggle.
8 March is an opportunity to solidify our unity, organisation and solidarity against this barbarity; to create a better world, a just, equal and free society. Gender equality is a pillar of a humane society. But both theory and history have proven time and time again that women’s liberation and gender equality are only possible in a world free from exploitation and suppression; a society where profit and competition over more profit is not its driving force; it’s only possible in a society that is organised around achieving happiness and prosperity for its citizens; in a society where classes have become obsolete. We need more than ever to create such a society, that is, a socialist society. This is the only route to liberation and equality.
Organisation for Women’s Liberation is determined to fight to accomplish this goal and calls upon all freedom-loving and egalitarian organisations and individuals to join forces in the struggle to reach this vital aim. However, for OWL, first and foremost it’s essential to uproot the Islamic regime of Iran, which for 40 years has violently suppressed the people and quashed any attempt to reach freedom and equality. Since the first day of its rule it has called a misogynist war on the society; has constantly tried to impose a rule of gender apartheid; and has imposed the Islamic veil on women; ever since the veil has become the flag of the reactionary, misogynist political Islam. The fight against the Islamic regime and Islamic movement is a must not only in Iran but also the whole region, if women should have a chance of achieving equality and freedom.
Organisation for women’s Liberation
4 March 2017