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Organisation for Women’s Liberation’s Communiqué  On the occasion of 8 March

Statement of OWL on Massacre at Charlie Hebdo,Terrorism is condemned!

Challenges Facing Women’s Liberation Movement in North Africa and the Middle East

"Rohani comme les autres candidats a été désigné pour préserver le régime islamique et sa législation"
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Women's liberation Neuws 07/03/09
Azar Majedi
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Women's liberation Neuws 12/11/07
Nudity or Nudity, That is the Question?!

Message of Solidarity and Support to Organisation for Women’s Freedom-Iraq

Challenges Facing Women’s Liberation Movement in North Africa and the Middle East

Organisation for Women’s Liberation and Euro-Med Feminist Initiative are organizing an International conference on the situation of women in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA). In the past three years people in this region have risen to demand equality, freedom, prosperity and a more just society. Women have actively taken to streets against the governments

Executions in Egypt are condemned!

Statement by Nawal El Saadawi on the occasion of the International Women ' s Day 8 March 2012
Rape in India and the dawn of a mass movement
Maryam Kousha interviews Azar Majedi about the gang-rape and murder of a young woman in India and the vast protest movement it has given rise to. Violence against women, rape as one brutal form of this violence, the existing sexism in today's societies are discussed. . Other Vidos.......

No more death! Stop death and maiming of workers in Garment industry

Is secularism enough? Speech at the conference on secularism, freedom and equality Paris 2 December

Egypt after the election- what's to be done?

Azar Majedi talks about the current situation after the election in which Islamists have got clear majority. This was clear from the outset. this is why people came to the streets to topple the military government, so they can have freedom. Other Vidos.......

8 March, a day of solidarity with the women’s liberation movement in the Middle East against Islamic movement

8 March is a day when people reiterate their determination for the struggle for complete freedom and equality of men and women. It has become a symbol of liberation and freedom. People have commemorated 8 March for more than a century.

Murder of Bin Laden,The war of terrorists and the US strategy1

Films from the conference in Gothenborg/Sweden 2012

Solidarity with women’s struggle in the world The rise of popular movements in the Middle East & North Africa. The rise of political
Islam? What does the future hold for women?Organisation for Women’s Liberation and European Feminist Initiative are organising an international conference on 3 March 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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International conference to celebrate 8 March, International Women’s Day 2012

Uprising in Egypt Angry and hopeful!
Conférence/Débat du 2 décembre 2012 (Espace Robespierre à Ivry-sur-Seine)
International Women’s Day in Egypt:

The "Arab Spring" what do the people want?

This is the video of Azar Majedi's speech in Stockholm about the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. The aspiration of the people, what is at stake, the role of the Islamist movement, democracy or socialism which one is the solution.

Other Vidos.......

Solidaritty with workers movment in Iran and the protest movment in the Middle Est and North Africa
Creation of an international movement for Freedom, Equality, Secularism and a better world is our task!
Conference ON Polygamy, Neqab and Honor Killing

A Global Conference: “Women and the 21 Century in pictures

Women and the 21 Century – Feminist Alternatives »
16th – 18th December 2010
Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo.
A Global Conference: “Women and the 21 Century - Feminist Alternatives”

Manifetation_ Gothenborg

Conference ON Effect of globalization of political Islam on Womens Rights, in question with Polygamy, Neqab and Honor Killing

speech of Azar Majidi Against political Islam in Toronto from mehran63_2004 on Vimeo.

International conference to celebrate 8 March International Women’s Day in picture

International Conference in Gothenburg/Sweden

Films from International Conference 6 th March 2010 , Gothenborg Sweden
European Humanist Federation welcomes you to an open seminar
International conference to celebrate 8 March International Women’s Day
Women's liberation Neuws 12/11/07
IFE-EFI: Solidarity with the struggle of women in Iran Condemnation of death sentences
Azar Majedi's article on political uprising in Iran and the role of Women's liberation movement- in Information, a Danish newspaper
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